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We believe in supporting our valued members for their valued work. All of our work keeps the club going and a welcoming place. The online payments systems is up and running. The information below is here to help you navigate the financials at EUHWC.

EUHWC aim to pay you back within two weeks of your expense application, with payments typically being processed each Monday. The club will update you through email where exceptions to this timeline will occur.

All receipts are checked and validated, we appreciate your understanding.

Expenses (Costs incurred for the Club)

If you are a driver, meet organiser or committee member, expenses commonly occur when supporting the club. If you have an expense spent for/or on behalf of the club, such as fuel expense, please fill out the following form:

Click here for Expense Form

Trip Credit / Refunds

In the sad event that you are not able to make one of our trips, this is the place to go once you have confirmation someone has taken your place on the trip. Although we are understanding, this is not an automatic guarantee and we reserve the right to refuse refunds (Further information below).

If you have been allocated trip credit for a trip, please fill out this form too with the details of our Safety/ Training secretary.
Click here for Trip Credit/ Refund Form

Club Payment

If you owe the club money, and especially if you have been contacted recently, follow the instructions in the following form to pay us back online.

Click here for Club Payment Form

Common Questions & Answers

My file is too big, how do I submit my file as part of the form?

  • Use an online compression tool such as or better yet use a scanner to copy your file
  • The Tiny Scanner app, widely available, allows you to take pictures and convert them to scanned images in the touch of a button

What are valid reasons for a refund?

  • Refunds for medical emergencies and family difficulties are well understood by us in the club.

What are reasons where I am unlikely to get a refund?

  • Reasons which are avoidable and unfair to our other members. For instance, “I have a scheduling issue with X item, and I cannot make it” or “I don’t feel like it”.

What’s the best way to contact the Treasurer?

  • Please use the email linked below in the Contact Us section to contact the Treasurer.

I have not yet been paid or refunded, when will I receive my payment?

  • If in doubt contact the Treasurer below.

Contact Us

If you have any difficulties with any of the forms not covered by the Q&A, feel free to contact us at the linked email.