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Friday 14th Feb 2014
to Sunday 16th Feb 2014

Sign-up: Tues 11th Feb, 8:30pm, Malones Irish Bar
Cost: £45
Organisers: Callum and Lucy W


After nearly three whole weeks without a trip (however did you cope?!?), we’re back! And this time the clubs off on an adventure to the small town of Kingussie, with the Monadhliath on the doorstep, and the wilds of the Cairngorm Plateau close by too, this should prove to be a great weekend in the hills. Could there be a better way to spend Valentine’s, think Paris, but better!

We will be staying at the university’s own outdoor centre, Woodlands, in Kingussie itself. If you fancy a wee nosey before you go have a look here…http://www.ed.ac.uk/schools-departments/sport-exercise/outdoor-centre/facilities/woodlands
As we are now truly in the depths of winter (we’ve got more snow than Canada) winter boots are a must, if you can bend them with your hand then they won’t do. Boots can be hired from Tiso on Commercial Street for the weekend (for a mere £5 with club membership). Without boots you won’t be able to go on the hill, so for just £5 its really worth it.
As always drivers please get in touch asap! As a thank you, you will get £10 off your trip and a ‘money can’t buy’ pre-sign. If you would be able to drive please contact Lucy W at: wilkinette@hotmail.co.uk


  1. I’m recovering from a bad dose of cold/’flu, so will want to do something fairly easy and short(ish), so something in the Monaliadth ending in a pub in Newtonmore waiting for transport if necessary sounds good.

  2. I reckon A’Chailleach and Carn Sgulain from Newtonmore should be feasible on Saturday. Probably about 20k and about 800m ascent. 9 hours? Would allow a couple of hours of boozing for Jim before we drive back.

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