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Friday 24th Jan 2014
to Sunday 26th Jan 2014

Sign-up: Tues 21st Jan, 8:30pm, Malones
Cost: £45
Organisers: Jasmin, Julia and Lucy N


That’s right folks, it’s time to get that ginger wig on, admire men in skirts and drink the volume of Loch Ness in whiskey! It’s our RABBIE BURNS TRIP 24th-26th of January.

This is definitely not a trip to miss if you want the ultimate Scottish experience! We are going to the beautiful area of Cannich, which provides access to lots of hills and Munros around the very scenic Glen Affric. See the walk highlands website for a description of some of the local walks that might be available. There will be organised walks taking place on both Saturday and Sunday.

We’ll be staying in the very cushy 4 star BCC Loch Ness hostel, complete with en suite bathrooms and twin bedrooms!  Poetry, songs and speeches will take place on the Saturday night, as a tribute to Burn’s life and work, along with a nod to his drinking habits. Haggis, neeps and tatties will be on the menu of course.

As always drivers please get in touch asap! As a thank you, you will get £10 off your trip and a pre-sign for it! We need both another minibus driver and car driver! If interested please contact juliamaryfiona@hotmail.co.uk

To everyone else we’ll be having sign up for this trip on Tuesday 21st January (next Tuesday!) at 8:30pm at the new venue of Malones, the trip is the standard price of £45.

We do expect winter conditions, so we’ll be asking people to have winter boots for the weekend, if you can bend them with your hand then you need something more stiff soled, check out Tiso on Commercial Street to rent a pair for the weekend (only £5 with club membership).  There’s more information here about appropriate gear, check it out!


  1. Lucy – I did get a trip place in the end, yay! I’m always up for an uber-early start!! Or we can peel loads of potatoes the night before and leave them in water, would save a fair bit of time on Saturday…

  2. To be honest an early start doesnt sound too bad, and peeling isnt too bad when you have some beer sitting next to you. This would give you guys a car, but it would be good to know what you are thinking of doing and just how EARLY early actually is! Circular walk obviously makes sense, with the Loch Beinn a Mheadhoin 2 (Tom a’ Choinich & Toll Creagach) certainly being an easy option. Also a graham nearby if the weather is in fact truly awful (might have done those 2 before but dont really care)

  3. The Loch Mullardoch 4 with the boat would be great but I don’t know if it’ll be possible to organise. I found this number (01456 415347) on one site, does anyone else have other contact details? I’ll try calling tomorrow to see if it’s possible but even if the boat is available it’ll be difficult to confirm a booking before we know if there are enough people to make the cost per person reasonable.

    If this isn’t possible I’m thinking about Carn Eighe and Mam Sodhail up Glen Affric.

  4. Thinking about going down to glen affric tomorrow. We can stay quite low for a while, where it should be quite sheltered and then nip up to grab Mam Sodhail and Carn Eige (and maybe Beinn Fhionnlaidh, depending on the conditions) via a (probably hidden) path up which I think should be quite low avalanche risk.

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