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Friday 8th Nov 2013
to Sunday 10th Nov 2013

Sign-up: Tues 5th Nov, 9:30pm, The Southsider
Cost: £45
Organisers: Julia and Jasmin


We will be heading to Ballater, near Braemar and the Southern Cairngorms for our November weekend trip.

Sign up will be on Tuesday, 5th November at 9.30 at the Southsider Pub. Please let either of the organisers know if you’d like to drive for this trip.


  1. Julia has asked me to run a Navigation Skills day on the Saturday, so if any of you want to learn how to find your way about on the hill this is for you. Depending on available transport we will either be going to Glen Shee or Loch Muick. Maps (plus mapcases!) & compasses will be provided.

    For Sunday, I’ll go with the flow; which will probably mean something in Glen Shee, as it is on the way back. Plus more Nav. training if there is demand.

    1. I want to do Broad Cairn, Cairn Bannoch, and the 4 associated tops on Saturday (c24k and 800m in 8-10 hours). Then, on Sunday, I fancy doing An Sacoch from Gel Shee (16k adnd 580m in 5-6 hours)

  2. I’m a bit undecided about Saturday so I might just go with Jim if it involves hills I’ve never done before. If not then I might walk from Glen Muick to Glen Callater via Lochnagar and the next two W of it. Sunday I’d like to do Morven and then faff around a bit.

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