The feedback form is DOWN. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to fix the matter. if you have a matter of importance which you would like to discuss privately, such as any worries about equipment, drivers, walk organisers, or any matter of safety, tell us so we can take the issue seriously.  Contact the President via email. (You can obtain the President’s email address by receiving the weekly email on a Monday, so you must be on our mailing list.)

If you have any feedback for our club, be it positive or negative, this is the place to have your say.

We’d love to hear from our members so we can get an honest idea of what is working well in our club, and what needs improvement. Feel free to post anonymously if that makes you more comfortable, we will be discrete and respectful of anything mentioned here.

If you have any worries about equipment, drivers, walk organisers, safety or anything our club is up to please let us know so we can take the issue seriously.

If you would like a response from us on an issue, please leave an email address and we will try to get back to you once we have discussed the issue. If you’d rather not leave contact details, depending on the sensitivity of the issue, the final decision may be posted in the quarterly updates of the committee.

Please be aware this is a brand new system, so there may be some glitches, and until we have an idea of how popular this is we don’t know how quickly we will be able to deal with each issue in here, but we’ll do our best!


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