Hello all,

Sign up for the next club trip will be this coming Tuesday at the Southsider at 8.30 pm. If you want to see Monika slowly crack as she comes to the realisation she’s not as ok as she thinks with organising a trip that doesn’t involve any Munros, Jonathan gaze in wonder at a road with more than two lanes and me lead a faff (slash secret three peaks challenge) then this may well be the trip for you!

For those new to the club this year, Easter is the first of two long weekend trips the club runs per year. This means that instead of running from Friday evening to Sunday evening, we extend the trip over two more days, leaving early on Friday and coming back on Monday evening. We also tend to go a little further afield on these trips, and this year we’re outdoing ourselves by going all the way down to Snowdonia in the mystical land of Wales! 

Wales, being almost unimaginably far South, is a bit of a mystery to those of us who hail from good, honest Northern places. We’ve heard there are some mountains, dragons, sheep, and the hostel we’ve booked looks really nice (http://lledrhouse.co.uk), but the rest is a bit of a mystery. However the trip will definitely still include hills and stuff, as well as all the Easter themed staples, such as the Easter egg hunt, the rest we’ll figure out when we get there!

Key points:

  •  Sign up Tuesday 8.30pm at the Southsider.
  •  Departure will be 1pm at the CSE on Friday 7th April, we will be returning late on Monday 10th.
  •  Barring any freak weather events it’s highly unlikely we’ll be needing winter gear on this trip, but we’ll make a final decision nearer the time.
  •  Easter themed games and activities.
  •  No Munros, but lots of other cool stuff, such as tea at Sionyn’s house.
  •  We’re still looking for two more car drivers if anyone is keen.

Figure 1: A photo of a hill, reputedly in Snowdonia, taken today by Imogen’s uncle, possibly even Snowdon itself, then again maybe not.



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