Hello Hillwalkers!

Saturday 18th March, we will be having our Annual General Meeting and Ceilidh! (St Giles Parish Church EH9 2DW). We will be starting the AGM prompt at 6.30pm. Get there early for the FREE WINE!!! Once the AGM is finished, we can start the serious business of ceilidhing!


Tickets will be available at the pub on Tuesday, and in limited number on the door.

          AGM + Ceilidh (£5)

          Ceilidh (£7)




The main purpose of the AGM is to elect our new committee for next year. The first attached file has a rundown of the different positions (there are 13 of them up for grabs) and some information about each one. If you’re thinking of running (and you should be!) there is some more information about the committee on our website. Also feel free to talk to any of the current committee via email or at the pub.

To stand for committee, you need someone to nominate you for your chosen position/s. In order to get through the whole process a bit quicker, we are taking pre-nominations online this year. To do this, follow the instructions at this link. Note: you cannot nominate yourself for committee, so ask someone else to fill out the form for you. The online form is purely optional; people can still be nominated on the night as usual.

If a position has more than one nominee, you may (but don’t have to) give a brief statement to explain why you would be well suited to the position etc. This will be followed by a very short Q&A session, but don’t worry this will be very friendly, and you shouldn’t feel at all worried or intimidated. The new committee generally takes over at the end of May, after our final trip of the year.
Being on the committee is a fantastic opportunity to get really involved with the running of the club, and its great fun. Plus, there are the perks like pre-signs for trips (no more queuing!) Any questions about standing for election please just email me and ask. If you are unable to attend the AGM, you can still be elected; just send me a statement that can be read out on your behalf, stating which position/s you wish to stand for, and setting out why you think you should be elected.
Also attached are the minutes of last year’s AGM and our committee updates, just if you fancy having a look through to stay up-to-date with how the club is being run.
To our non-student members – I’m sorry to say that only current student members are able to stand for the committee, vote in committee elections, or vote on constitutional amendments. You are however very welcome to come along to the AGM anyway, to take part in and influence debate as well as the very important job of counting votes!


That’s about it. Again, please get in touch if you have any questions.


Much Love,

Your forever fabulous Secretary



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pdf icon CommitteePositions.pdf
pdf icon EUHWC-AGM-Minutes-2016.pdf
pdf icon EUHWC-2017-Committee-Updates.pdf
pdf icon EUHWC-Constitution.pdf
pdf icon MeetOrganisingGuide-2016-17.pdf

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