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Dear striders, strollers and wanderers of the hills,

We're having a party in Glencoe, and you are invited!

Whilst partying should be allowed for the sake of partying, it is customary for a party to have an excuse. Well, let me give you three!
  • Our club is hitting the history books with three whole decades of highland hilarity in the bag.
  • There are prizes up for grabs as part of our monumental Mountain Rescue fundraiser.
  • It's an exclusive chance to meet our alumni, who, according to Callum, have some of the best banter this side of Ballater.

If all this isn't enough, we also have Nick Carter on the trip, (pro mountaineer and cool dude) providing tailor-made training FOR FREE. I assume you are sold already, so please read on for the #deets….

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The Buchaille awaits! Photo from photoscotland.net

1. Trip details

When? 10-12th March (sooooon!)

Where? Glencoe SYHA and independent hostel (its gonna be big)

Sign Up: Next Tuesday (7th), 8.30pm, Southsider Pub
Price: £45

2. Party Antics

  • Not one, not two… but three course dinner
  • Rare chance to see each other in nice clothes instead of smelly fleeces
  • Popmaster-meets-Munrobuff quiz
  • Live Music
  • BEER in a box
  • Sparklers!
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3. Fundraiser

In Scotland we are seriously lucky ducks. We have a free mountain rescue service, made up of volunteers who are ready 24/7 to pluck us off the hill when things go wrong. So really, sharing a little cash to keep the service running is the least we can do!

The great thing about fundraising, is that it means you also get to do something fun. The basic idea is go up a hill but make it cool. Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing….

  • Get dressed up
  • Get naked
  • Bring a goldfish
  • Bring your Granny
  • Human Pyramid
  • Put a lemon in your mouth

Be sure to take a picture, post it on the facebook page and pop a penny in the bucket. You'll then be in with a chance of winning PRIZES! Did I hear something about a Rab down jacket?
You don't have to be on the trip to take part. You don't even have to be in the country. Wherever you are, I dare you to beat my lemoninthemouth picture.

4. Training

Talking of charity, St. John Ambulance are funding a professional guide to provide winter skills tuition!
That's something you don't get handed to you on a silver platter by your butler every day.
It's open to beginners and experienced members alike- we'll tailor the weekend depending on what you guys want. Email me in advance or chat to me at sign-up to fix yourself a place.
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5. Alumni

This is also the alumni trip (wow, this trip has really got it all).
Are you an ex-member of the club, feeling the urge to tell us all stories of how it was in "the good old days"? Now is your chance. Email callum to book yourself a spot.

(Was everything really black and white back in 1987?)


I don't know about you, but I'm getting bored of all this excitement. That is QUITE ENOUGH FOR NOW.
So please, calm down and try not to smash any windows at sign-up.
Lots of love,
Harry Carstairs and Callum Girdwood
(your very own training, safety, vice presidential, alumni and party-organising dream team)

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