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Good day, hillwalking friends,

It is time for a round up of all things training!

First things first- a big shout out to everybody who has given their time to teach or learn on the winter skills day trips, avalanche talk, Firbush weekend and Ratagan training. You guys make this club happen- without developing our skills and sharing them with each other, we simply couldn't do what we do. See figure 1 for a depiction of what we do. 

You've tramped around in the mist taking bearings, you've fiddled around with crampon straps, you've got snow all down your back practising ice axe arrests. You are heroes!
Inline image 1
Figure 1: Generally just being awesome. Photo credit- anonymous.

So what's the plan, Stan, how can we top that? Check out numbers 1, 2 and 3…
1. Winter Skills LEVEL UP
Did you miss out on the winter skills first time round? 
Do you have some experience, and feel ready for the masterclass?
Nick Carter (MIC, climber of Peruvian peaks and Himalayan heights, pro guide, cool dude, see figure 2) is all ours 10-12th March in Glencoe. For FREE!
A limited number of presigns may be available, so email me if this sounds like your cup of Earl Grey.
Figure 2: Nick hanging out with Everest in the background. Casual.
2. First Aid, Hill Style
What does one do, when the walk organiser trips over their crampons, puncturing themselves with an ice axe in the process and starts becoming hypothermic? Let's hope it doesn't come to that. But still, better safe than sorry- if you missed out on the first aid course happening this weekend, you have another chance!
This is a one day course on 1st April, delivered professionally by the British Association of Ski Patrollers. It will be held on central campus and the cost will be £50 (subsidised by the club). Send me an email to book yourself a spot.
Inline image 4
Figure 3: This sign means "First Aid"

3. Calling Walk Organisers of the Future
Do you see yourself in committee and/or organising walks next academic year? The future of the club is in your hands. Make sure your hands are a safe pair of hands.
Davy Virdee (MIC, avalanche expert, alpine conqueror, see figure 4) is all ours the weekend 28th -30th April at Tomintoul. He will do a good old round up of the skills it takes to plan and execute an awesome day out in Scotland, and get you thinking about what it means to be the most experienced member in a group. Two days of training for £20 = massive bargain. Check out the course description on his website.
Emails please if this is your calling.
Inline image 5
Figure 4: Davy checking out the hills around Tomintoul.
Cool. Ice Cold!
Alright, alright, alright. Let me leave you with a quick thought.
I am painfully aware that so far, all of the pros that have made an appearance with this club have been male. So let me assure you, girls, that this is a result of who I happen to have contacts for, and it certainly isn't because there is any shortage of really amazing female hillwalkers. Here's a quick example. Di Gilbert, 31, MIC, has completed all the Munros, summitted Mount Everest, worked as Field Operations Manager for Antarctic Expeditions and Logistics, represented Great Britain at Ski Mountaineering and is currently on her way round the Corbetts. Take that for inspiration.
Inline image 6
Figure 5: Girl power. EUHWC has bucket loads.

I hope you'll agree with me that this club does a pretty good job of making sure that girls and guys are given the same opportunities. But is there a disproportionate number of guys organising walks? Are the boys expected to bag more Munros? Lets not be afraid to bring these things up. Here's to sexism free hills!
That's all for now.
Train hard, stay safe, but look cool at all times.
Harry C
(Training and Safety Officer)

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