Walk Organising

Every walk on a club trip has a ‘Walk organiser’ and ‘Seconder’. Though it is of course worth noting that they will be more thann happy to expalin their decisions to you if asked. Also feel free to challenge their decisions! Everybody can improve. It is at the discretion of the committee as to who can organise a walk but before you can be considered it is advised to have the following experience:

  • Walked a minimum of 15 mountain days.
  • Been on a minimum of 3 trips with the club.
  • Have attended relevant navigation courses.
  • Have other previous experience.

Although it is the meet organisers responsibility to ensure that there are suitably qualified walk organisers, the club does not accept liability for the walks offered. Each individual is responsible for themselves and their safety when on and off the hill. If you ever feel there is an inexperienced walk organiser on a club trip it is your responsibility to let the meet organiser know, or report it via the feedback form, and the committee will take suitable actions.

If you would like to walk organise please let any of the committee know – we are always looking out for more people to organise walks.

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