We recommend you do not buy membership until you have secured a place on one of our trips. Once you’re on a trip you must fill out some important forms, which can be found here, or on the ‘Join us’ page.  You cannot go on a trip without filling them out!

Prices 2017-2018

CMD ARETE, BEN NEVISWe are all students and wish being involved in the club was free, but organising a hillwalking trip involves a certain amount of expense. As a University Sports Club we do not make a profit, and we use our Sports Union grant to subsidise all costs down to an absolute minimum.

We charge a membership fee (which covers insurance, and subsidises training, equipment etc) plus a trip fee for each trip you sign up for (which covers transport, accommodation, food etc).

Membership Prices

  • One academic year: £25
  • One semester: £15

For existing MCofS/BMC members:

  • One academic year: £16
  • One semester: £10

Trip Prices

  • Day trips: £10
  • Weekend trips: £45
  • Long weekend trips: £60

The committee reserves the right to change membership and trip prices at any point in the year. Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. See here for details.

Benefits of Joining the Club

  • 15% discount at Cotswolds the outdoor shop
  • 10% discount at Tiso via a free “Outdoor Experience Card” (normally costs £20)
  • Affiliate membership to Mountaineering Scotland, which is the National Governing Body for all mountain sports
  • Access to club trips, with transport, walk organisers and group equipment provided, as well as accommodation and food for weekend trips
  • Use of club equipment outside official trips (£1 charge per item)
  • Access to subsidised, professionally run, training courses arranged by MCofS, Mountain Training, Firbush, Glenmore Lodge and others
  • Informal training from experienced members
  • A quarterly copy of Scottish Mountaineer magazine
  • Use of other MCofS clubs’ huts for reduced prices
  • Personal accident insurance whilst on club trips
  • Civil Liability Insurance whilst taking part in any mountaineering activities all year round
  • Meeting people to arrange your own walking trips with
  • Banter and friends who may last a lifetime!

Why do I need to pay to join?

There are several reasons why the club requires paid membership:

  • Insurance is provided by the MCofS and by the Sports Union only for listed members
  • Your membership money goes towards buying and repairing club gear, subsidising training events and providing discounts for drivers

Why do trips cost so much?

The costs of running a trip are roughly:

  • Accommodation: £25-35 per person for two nights
  • Transport: minibus hire is £10-14 per person
  • Fuel: about £5 per person for a minibus, up to £10 for cars
  • Food: about £3 per person

This adds up to £43-£62 per person, which means most trips are heavily subsidised from club funds.

The cost of a day trip is much more variable, however the price ensures they break even on average. Our trips are excellent value compared to public transport.


Whilst we are primarily a student club, we have a number of non-student members, many of whom contribute a great deal to the club. Non-student members must, however, be approved by the Edinburgh University Sports Union (EUSU). EUSU must approve a non-student member before they can come on any trips.

The Points System

Approvals are made on the basis of a points system organised by the EUSU. Non-students are only likely to be approved if they have a minimum of 6 points. Points are awarded as follows:

  • University of Edinburgh Staff: 6 points
  • Coaching/Leading Qualification: 4 points (See Note 1 below)
  • Graduate of the University of Edinburgh: 3 points
  • First Aid Certificate or other Health and Safety Qualification: 3 points
  • Minibus Licence/Permit: 2 points
  • Driving Licence: 1 point
  • ‘Discretionary’ Points: 2 points (See Note 2 below)

Note 1: Many of the training courses the club offers can be accepted as a ‘Coaching/Leading Qualification’. This includes the professional run courses at Firbush, Glenmore Lodge and the Mountain Leader training.

Note 2: Discretionary Points may be awarded to drivers who have their own vehicle that they are willing to drive on club trips, as these people are essential to the operation of the club.

How to join

If you wish to come on a trip you must ensure you have followed the application procedure outlined below at least one week before the date of the trip. This gives of those involved plenty of time to complete the relevant paperwork. Please note that this means that non-students must join the club at least a month in advance of the sign-up night for a trip.

The procedure to become a non-student member is relatively straightforward. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Look through the points system, and work out if you have at least 6 points. If not, then it is unlikely you will be able to join the club at present. However, we may be able to assist with getting additional points. For example by allowing you to attend a club run First Aid course. If in doubt, ask one of the committee.
  2. If you have at least 6 points, you then need to fill in the non-student form and email it to our secretary at hillwalking@ed.ac.uk
  3. If, and only if, you need the 4 points for ‘Coaching/Leading Qualification’ you will also have to fill in the terms of engagement. Please send an electronic copy of the completed form to our secretary along with the non-student form at hillwalking@ed.ac.uk. Then print out a copy, sign and date it, and pass it to one of the committee in the pub on a Tuesday.
  4. Once you have completed all the relevant paperwork, we will submit the application on your behalf to EUSU. Provided you meet EUSU’s criteria, you should be approved within a week.
  5. At this point, and not before, you will be able to become a member and come on club trips.

If you have any questions, please email our secretary at hillwalking@ed.ac.uk