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Friday 9th Mar 2018
to Sunday 11th Mar 2018
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


It’s time for the Alumni trip! Despite the name, this trip is a normal trip, we just invite along old members of of the club so they can join us for a weekend! We will be spending the weekend in magnificent Glen Sheil (Google the 5 sisters of Kintail and you’ll see what I’m talking about), so come along and join us for an amazing weekend!

Because we don’t have many spaces in the hostel after signing up alumni members, we’ll be using the MSL online signup for this trip instead of running signup at the pub. Signup will go live on this page at 8.00AM sharp on next Tuesday, March 6th. The trip will cost £45.

P.S. The cover photo is the beautiful view we get from the hostel!

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