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Friday 9th Feb 2018
to Sunday 11th Feb 2018
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


This year EUHWC are going to that place you’ve always dreamed of visiting… Narnia. No, visit Glencoe! The next best thing… Watch as the snowy mountains of winter melt to reveal Glencoe in all it’s glory. That’s right, the one place you’re heard you should visit from everyone from your dog to your auntie. Between the 9th and 11th of February, dates not to forget, feel like your living in a Motion Picture for all but a weekend. With some awesome Scottish food just round the corner at the Clachaig, some beautiful rolling landscapes and a right barrel of laughs — roll up to this awesome weekend lost in the heart of the highlands.

Of course there’s also the mountains to look forward to! With easy access some of the most beautiful mountains in all of Scotland, an amazing location whether you want an epic winter adventure or just to admire the areas beauty this is the trip for you! Sign up will take place on the Tuesday 6th of February, 8:30pm Southsider pub. The trip will cost £45, this includes food for Saturday night, transport and the hostel. We’ll leave from the CSE on the evening of Friday the 9th and return to Edinburgh on the 11th (Sunday) evening.
Maybe this awe inspiring shot will tempt you? You’ll need full winter kit to come on this meet including boots, check out our equipment page for more info. If you want a better idea of what to expect on the social side check out our past yearbooks! 
So grab your winter boots, banter and dancing togs and come for some beautiful views and motion picture fantasy… In true Scottish style with good friends, nice drinks, and in a beautiful place. If you have your own car get in touch! We have lots of rental drivers but are still looking for those with their own car, you’ll get fuel paid, a pre-sign and £20 discount.

Ideas for walks – Walk Highlands

Weather forecasts – MWIS , Met OfficeYR

MO’s are Stephen and Jonathan

Disclaimer: if you do hear from talking animals please do let one of the Committee know!

(P.S. Remember to grab your ceilidh tickets while you still can! 😊 )

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