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Friday 2nd Mar 2018
6:00 pm - 11:30 pm

  • March 2nd at 6pm, Lauriston Hall

£5 per ticket if you attend AGM
£7 per ticket if you only go the the Ceilidh
(only attending the AGM without the Ceilidh is free, but… CEILIDH)

Hey everyone! We invite you to throw away your inhibitions and put on your dancing shoes! It’s time for the annual AGM ceilidh!! There will be WINE! There will be SNACKS! There will be A DEMOCRATIC ELECTION! Oh, that last one is very important by the way, so we have a nice brief explanation of what the AGM is and why you should definitely participate:

The main purpose of the AGM is to elect our new Committee for next year. We need as many members to be present as possible to cast their votes on the future members of EUHWC Committee 2018/2019, who will take up the responsibilities of running EUHWC with dedication, efficiency, and fairness.

If you’re thinking of running there is some more information about the committee on our website. Also feel free to talk to any of the current Committee via email or at the pub. Imogen Christopher, our Secretary, will send out an email four weeks ahead of the AGM about the process of running for Committee, including a detailed list of what each position entails, a rundown of Meet Organising, the AGM Minutes from both AGM 2017 and AGM 2016, and a link where you can be nominated for a position online by others.

If you are unable to attend the AGM, you can still be elected; just have someone nominate you beforehand and send Imogen a statement that can be read out on your behalf, stating which position/s you wish to stand for, and setting out why you think you should be elected.

To our non-student members – I’m sorry to say that only current student members are able to stand for the Committee, vote in Committee elections, or vote on constitutional amendments. You are however very welcome to come along to the AGM anyway, to take part in and influence debate as well as the very important job of counting votes! Being present to count votes enables you to pay less than only attending the ceilidh. Please let Imogen know if you would like to help count votes.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the AGM for some good old fashioned voting, then ceilidh and drink the rest of the night away!

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